“ We believe in the power of purposeful design to turn good ideas into great products. Through crafting user experiences and designing engaging interfaces, we bridge the gap between your ideas and successful digital product development. ”

- FULLYalive team, all our words rolled into one pretty awesome paragraph


We Will (Re)define Your Brand

At its core, a brand is more than just an icon, a colour and a name – your brand is you. It carries your reputation, encourages expectations, and conveys a promise to your customers. We’ll refine your brand to represent everything that you are, and connect with your audience through contemporary visual design. Because after all, we want you to look good! With our help your brand will be more than just a visual representation of your company, it will have a personality you can experience. Have a look at some brands we have partnered with below.


Our Typical Process

NO. 1

Questions and Research

We spend a lot of time getting to know you and what your company does, as well as the processes you use. Our designers will research extensive into your competitors in order better gain insights into your industry, and understand how to position your brand to stand above the rest.

NO. 2


Next we will start building an inspiration library. This will include anything from fonts we feel suit the brand’s personality, to potential colour palettes that communicate the emotions we want your customers to experience when first interacting with your company. This is behind the scenes work that informs our direction however your wants and needs will always be forefront to guide our creative decisions, so if you have any specific thoughts we would love to hear them.

NO. 3


Our team of designers will present you with a few options, this is usually a max of three, along with a brief motivation on why we explored that specific direction. We welcome your thoughts on which direction feels right to you and your brand. We want you to play an integral part in creating your brand so we value your input, however if we feel disagree with a suggestion we will always motivate ourselves as we have done the research and our end goal is always to deliver a strong and striking brand.

A simple lesson we have learnt over the years, is that  if you want a strong brand, don’t dilute the idea with too many opinions. This is a sure shortcut to a generic visual treatment.


NO. 4

Brand Guide

Your logo is now finalised, we will equip you with a Brand Guide to ensure that everyone has the correct assets to correctly apply your brand. This will detail all the colour palette values, typography styles used, logo application and variations and any other brand elements rules that are requested.

 This can be brief document for Startups or an extensive marketing journal that suggests types of vocabulary and potential advert options.

NO. 5


Once we have established the visual brand treatment we can apply the design language across all kinds of applications such as business cards, email signatures, signage, and company profiles, the list is endless. Interested in getting started? Drop us a mail below.

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Would You Like Us To Quote On Your Next Project?

Our Mad Skills

What We Do Best

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Some of Our Clients

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