“ We believe in the power of purposeful design to turn good ideas into great products. Through crafting user experiences and designing engaging interfaces, we bridge the gap between your ideas and successful digital product development. ”

- FULLYalive team, all our words rolled into one pretty awesome paragraph

Motion Graphics and Animation

Our Motion Graphics
and Animation Team

Bringing movement to your graphics and applications is an impactful tool to ensuring your designs stand out from the crowd. With engaging animations our motion graphics animators will add interactivity to your product, and give those static app screens or modern logo designs a life of their own.

Sometimes a great idea needs more than a single sentence. Our team of creatives will work with your brand to create visuals that will help promote your product and tell your story. Whether it is a walkthrough tutorial to help users navigate your app, a promo video to get the message out, or an exciting pitch video to generate funding for your Start Up, we will ensure your brand’s message and values shine through.


Our Typical Process

NO. 1

Defining the Brief

Let’s start from the beginning. What are you hoping to achieve? Who is your audience and how will you reach them? Understanding what needs to be communicated will guide our creative process.

NO. 2

Storyboards and Style

Powerful ideas start on paper, and spending the time to map out the flow of your video and ensure that we can hold the viewer’s attention. The creative possibilities may be endless, but we need to find a style that will suit your brand and the story you want us to tell.

NO. 3


There is a certain magic watching your designs come to life on screen, and we want you to be part of the process so we can refine and perfect the animations to bring a smile to your users.

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Would You Like Us To Quote On Your Next Project?

Our Mad Skills

What We Do Best

  • Pitch & Product Videos

  • Walkthrough Tutorials

  • Social Media Adverts & GIFs

  • In App Motion Graphics

  • Digital Character Animation

  • Logo Animations

Some of Our Other Projects

Some of Our Clients

Some of Our Clients

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